Hey Newgrounders! I'm doing a Kickstarter:

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/maxstein/ipa ywhatiwant-an-indie-bundle-for-ios-everything-e

If you pledge any amount of money at all you'll get all the included games for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Kickstarter - iPayWhatIWant Indie Bundle

Play Devilish Differences here

Just completed our game jam project very early yesterday. Wow, this was a crazy project. I can't begin to describe how challenging it is to make a game like this in just 4 days and to do it with complete strangers was interesting to say the least. We pulled through though with flying colors I think and really delivered something previous game jams have been lacking in terms of variety. Recognizing a large number of platformer and other genres being used in the past we wanted to go a completely different route entirely leveraging our artists unique skills and our wonderful musician RealFaction.

I hope you guys check the game out and have fun with it as we worked really hard on it. To show my appreciation to the Newgrounds community I've also used part of the short time we were given to fully implement medals into the game.

Game Jam 6 Complete, Devlish Differences is now out!

Me and XdragonX10(http://xdragonx10.newground s.com/) Will be participating in the power of 3 contest and need a great artist to complete our trio. We both have created frontpage games, me with PongOut: AE and Aqua Bots and him with Medieval Rampage and Cell Warfare. What we're looking for is a talented artist to make a sort of geometry wars esque space shooter, arcade style game. If you could give us a mockup or an example of your work that'd be great.

Hey guys just a shout out to let you know my new game should be coming out within the next few weeks. Its a top down perspective Zombie Shoot em' Up with graphics by Shrinkz and programming/additional artwork by yours truly. You can see a screen capture of some live gameplay below, comment and let me know what you think!

Zombie Arena:: Coming soon to a Newgrounds near you!